At Core Strength Fitness, we exist to provide the best health and fitness education facility on the Sunshine Coast with a culture that is focused on community service and engagement, a friendly, inviting environment and the most knowledgeable coaches and facilitators possible. We strive to provide the latest in health and fitness knowledge and training for local aspiring and current Personal Trainers through our Certificate III & IV in Fitness and PT Up Skill courses.

We endeavour to provide affordable prices for all of our clients to ensure every individual has access to health, fitness and wellness programs. We embody a culture of achievement and success in all levels, both in fitness and personally to support and encourage our clients.

“Enter as you are, leave better”


Our vision is to see Core Strength Fitness programs and courses at multiple sites across Australia, to provide access to the best health and fitness education for all Australians, regardless of their age, ability or fitness level. We will continue to support families and young individuals through our Teens Take Control Program to reshape the lives of young Australians. We will also continue to support our veterans through our Veterans’ Fitness Program.

Through our certificate III & IV and PT Up Skill courses, we will continually strive to innovate the fitness education industry, and develop the best coaches, athletes and personal trainers. Furthermore, we also envision some of Australia’s top athletes coming to CSF to improve not only their physical performance, but also their mental outlook and community outreach. Overall, we see Core Strength Fitness as being the leader in health and fitness with a culture focused on bettering its community, education, coaches and trainers.

Combined Staff Experience & Qualifications

The three arrows in our logo represent our relentless dedication to the forward progress of scientific research, coaching and teaching.


Our highly qualified staff, combined, have over 30 years of formal tertiary education. Including, five Bachelor’s Degrees (in Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Sciences and International Business & Marketing), two Honour’s Degrees (Human Movement & Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Coaching).

We will forever be involved in producing scientific research as well as reading current scientific research to ensure we are at the forefront of the ever developing world of science. Together we have over a dozen peer reviewed journal publications with more coming through the pipeline.


Not only are our staff highly educated, but together we also have over 25 years of professional coaching experience.

These experiences include a myriad of athletes, from all Olympic sports, to baseball, to American football, both rugby codes, to top Australian Powerlifters, professional surfers, basketball players, the list goes on. Three of our coaches were and are current professional athletes themselves.


We are all dedicated to teaching and developing programs – covering all aspects of the fitness industry and athlete development; from university students, to Fitness Certificate students, to already professional trainers and fitness professionals.

Our staff have presented seminars worldwide from audiences as small as 5 people, to as large as university auditoriums filled with over 250 students, and continue to attend conferences globally.

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