Our trainers are all fully qualified and the best in their field. They are equipped to cater for all types of fitness requirements from rehabilitation to elite athlete conditioning and preparation.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore brenden wilkins

Brenden Wilkins

CSF Owner & Proprietor

Brenden Wilkins


To come…

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff mitch

Mitch Pleysier

CSF Head Coach – Bsc Mvmt

Mitch Pleysier

Mitch brings years of experience to the team as both a professional athlete and a coach in multiple sports. Mitch has over 16 years playing experience in basketball at all levels from club through to representing Queensland and three years in the QBL. He has coached junior basketball teams, coordinated holiday skill camps, served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the SASE Basketball Program, and assisted with the Brisbane Boys College Basketball. Mitch has also played volleyball for 4 years, representing Queensland and Australia twice.


After spending a season playing professional (American) football in Albuquerque for the Duke City Gladiators, Mitch attended the combine for the National Gridiron League set to start in Australia. After impressing coaches and scouts Mitch signed a professional contract with the North Coast Heat as a Wide Receiver.


Mitch has helped hundreds of people from athletes to the elderly and everyone in between achieve their performance and overall wellbeing goals.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff eldene

Eldene Blaque

CSF Head Coach – Bsc Mvmt

Eldene Blaque

Eldene originally entered the fitness industry in 2006, as he wanted to become a personal trainer to help people increase their self-confidence. After a year, he realised his Certificate III and IV were not sufficient alone so he left to pursue further training. In 2012, whilst coaching, Eldene competed in his first powerlifting competition where he discovered his love for lifting heaving after years of boxing. He competed up until 2016, and in that time he held multiple records in different federations, with 19 wins out of 22 competitions. In September 2015, Eldene won gold for Australia in the GPC World Powerlifting Championships.


I have a passion for getting people interested in their bodies, so they can learn how to use them to benefit their lives, not just how good they look. I want to help people understand how they need to move and train to improve their lives and live pain free. I am currently studying my Masters focusing on injury prevention and movement quality. I teach at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Exercise Science and I have co-written as well as deliver our Certificate III and IV in Fitness.


I left my corporate job with the intention of changing this industry for the better and that’s just what I intend to keep doing. “The body is as old as the spine is flexible” – Happy Moving, Coach Blaque.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff bryce

Bryce Brown

CSF Coach

Bryce Brown

Bryce moved to the Sunshine Coast from Zimbabwe in 2002. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Bryce has a genuine passion for all types of physical activity that our coastal lifestyle can provide and developed an interest in almost every sport out there. His exposure to sport, and the injuries involved, sparked his passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Bryce completed his 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Exercise Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists here at Core Strength Fitness. Whist studying, Bryce worked at several Exercise Physiology locations on the Sunshine Coast and developed a strong interest working with our valued ex-service men and women, and clients presenting with chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries. Bryce firmly believes that the most satisfying thing about his job is watching people who suffer from chronic conditions, achieve a better quality of life that they once thought was unimaginable. Exercise should be fun!


Enquire now for more information on the private one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and hydrotherapy sessions that Bryce co-ordinates in Maroochydore, Nambour, and Beerwah.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff chris

Chris Locke

CSF Head Coach – Bsc Mvmt

Chris Locke

‘The body becomes what you teach it’
The primary focus for my clients is to help them to become the best possible version of themselves. I believe this happens when people learn how to move correctly and enjoy functional exercise in conjunction with a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle and mindset.


‘Move, play, smile and heal’
I have been a personal trainer / coach for over 5 years after 10 years of owning and operating several retail businesses. I am a current Exercise Science tutor at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My own personal journey to date reflects the above moto.


My goals as a fitness professional are to continually develop and improve my clients confidence and self esteem, assist them to enjoy a pain free lifestyle, educate and challenge them to create a body movement operative they are proud off.


Qualifications I have acquired:
– Tutor SPX 121 – Exercise Science, Prescription Programming, University of Sunshine Coast
– Facilitator CSF: PDC Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
– Certification 3 and 4 in Fitness
– Certificate Biomechanics of Pain and Posture
– Bachelor of Technology Education


‘Passion changes everything’ I am proud to say that I truly love what I do.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff todd

Todd Jarratt

CSF Head Coach – Bsc Mvmt

Todd Jarratt

Development coach Todd is our action sport athlete specialist. With a competitive background in local, state and national level sport as well as being a free-lance journalist, motorsport commentator and former motocross race team manager, coach Todd’s diverse background enables him to provide more than any in-gym program.


Coach Todd has been exposed to elevated levels of training and competition for over a decade, and with his degree in exercise science, personal training certificates, level one ASCA certification, 30-week internship at WSSC in Melbourne and time spent seeking out and learning from the nation’s best strength and conditioning coaches, Todd has his feet firmly fixed in the athlete development industry.


Coach Todd’s passion lies in supporting and inspiring others, educating those wanting to learn and coaching the science based training methods to athletes, clients, students, and their support network.


With a major emphasis on movement technique, and specific attention to detail, coach Todd’s athletes are not only provided with elite programming and coaching, but also the opportunity to absorb his years of study on health, performance, training and competition.


His focus on technical proficiency, overall wellness and long term athlete development allows him to lay the foundation for long term performance excellence, injury prevention and most importantly a great quality of life, which needs to be a primary focus in all physical development.

Asha Lumsden

CSF Coach

Asha Lumsden

My greatest achievement in life is to mother my three amazing children who inspire me to try daily to make even the smallest of positive changes to this world in which we live.


Previously, I have worked in Aged and Disability Care, and next became a Senior Property Manager on the Gold Coast, both creating, and building a role in rentals. I am currently studying Sports and Exercise Science at USC, and I have had the privilege of being involved in developing the Cert III & IV at CSF.


As well as assisting and working alongside some of the directors of the company, I share their passion for creating a place where young people may come to learn and grow into incredible, self-aware, confident adults. These outcomes are attained through education, but also via the influences of mentors and contemporaries who share a common path, and offer lessons learned from their past experiences.


When I heard about the Teens Take Control Program, I knew this was the vehicle I had been searching for to fulfil my many life goals. I am excited to be involved in a program that helps young people to achieve their fitness and other physical goals, but also coaches them through real life scenarios that will help them to obtain, understand, and apply the core principles that lead to a fulfilling life.


These students will be equipped to enjoy a positive journey, reliant upon their decisions to choose quality environments, maintain their physical and mental health, and cultivate strong relationships. It is an honour to be a part of such multi-disciplinary, far-reaching, vital work in our community.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff faith

Faith Cochrane

CSF Head Coach – Bsc Mvmt

Faith Cochrane

Faith is one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. She studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast and has been working with Core Strength Fitness since the beginning of 2017.


Faith is passionate about promoting an active lifestyle and improving quality of life through personalised exercise plans. She works closely with our ex-service men and women one on one, doing home visits and within fun interactive group classes. She also works with clients who have varied chronic health conditions impacting on their activities of daily living.


Faith has experienced multiple aspects of exercise physiology work, including: working with chronic back pain, respiratory & sleep sciences, cardiovascular research sciences, pregnancy & women’s health clinics, men’s mental health classes and in a weight management clinic.


Faith’s personal interests include indoor soccer, mountain climbing and strength and conditioning. She believes that it is never too late to get out and become physically active, and that physical limitations are not complete barriers. If you need help to take the first steps to a more active, pain free lifestyle then come in and have a chat.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff dan

Dan Gallagher

CSF Coach


Certificate III/IV Fitness
CrossFit Level 1 coach (currently studying in 2018)
12 years military experience (ADF)
First Aid/CPR


I have over 12 years military experience in the Australian Regular Army, serving multiple combat operational tours to Afghanistan. I pride myself in my abilities and self -application to stay combat effective in all facets of fitness, and looking forward to share upon my experiences. I have always been an active person, you can always find me outside in the surf, patrolling the beaches as a volunteer lifesaver or scaling one of the many iconic bits of landscapes and mountains around the local Sunshine Coast region.


I have a strong sporting background, at either regional and state U/19 level, 1st grade and Military inter Brigade competition.


My training style is largely based around Functional Military strength and combat conditioning. I am someone who will push you past your comfort zone and gain confidence while feeling uncomfortable. Challenge yourself to become a better version of you!


“It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself”

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff pottsy

Jordan Potts

CSF Coach

Jordan Potts

Before I rattle off my credentials let’s discuss you


What do YOU want to achieve?


Not what others think you should…but what will get you out of bed QUICKER.


What excites you?
The WHAT? That’s what I want to know!
That’s exactly what I’ll help you achieve.
The way I look at it, we all have our own journey. We choose whether that journey becomes better or worse.


My passion is assisting people in creating that better journey.


Are you an ATHLETE?
I will show the tools to pursue your sporting dreams.
Would you like more ENERGY?
I can help you with that.


Need to get STRONGER?
That’s easy.
Sick of doing the same old thing?
I will open your mind to a whole new realm of development.
That’s all easy. The hard part is finding your WHAT? And understanding your WHY?


Once that’s understood, the pathway can be set. It’s up to you to walk.

Cert III & IV Fitness

First Aid & CPR

Completing Bachelor of Sports & Exercise Science (University of the Sunshine Coast)

Industry Experience.

Many lessons were learnt.

Learning the fundamental science of exercise and sport performance.

Real Movement Project – Mentorship.

Learning from, collaborating with and working alongside a collective of high performance coaches both professional and semi-professional from around the world. This incredible group of coaches will continue to develop me, both as an individual and as a coach.

Woodford Sports Science – Internship.

During 2017 I completed an internship with one of Melbourne’s most recognized applied sports science companies. It was here I learnt the principles of applying sport science, into a real-world context for athletes of all calibers.

I gained incredible experience coaching multiple athletes of all levels through strength, power and speed training with a large focus on injury prevention.

RealYou Coach

Joining the team of Real Movement Coaches to continue to explore the realm of human potential. You want to change your life for better. Get involved with this community.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore claire staff

Claire Smith

CSF Coach

Claire Smith

Cert III and IV Fitness
First Aid


About Me:
I am a Mum of three boys who has been lucky enough to spend the last 10 years seeing to their every need.


During that time I found my sanity at the gym. This soon progressed into a passion. As my youngest started school and I had more time on my hands I realised I could help others whilst using the passion and energy I have.


My focus is in showing people just what they can achieve with a positive mind and a bit of determination.


Movement is the key and functional movement combined with exercise is what will keep our bodies capable of moving through life freely and painlessly.


I like to combine this functional movement with metabolic conditioning to maximise results.

Dempsey Ormrod

CSF Head Coach – Bsc Mvmt

Dempsey Ormrod

Dempsey has recently relocated from Melbourne to further his study in Clinical Exercise Science. He has previously completed his Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy. He has also spent the last four years working in Melbourne as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Myotherapist.


Dempsey specialises in the treatment and management of muscular injuries and dysfunction. His treatment approach is very effective on tendonitis, muscular tears and tension while aiding to correct poor posture and the negative influence this has on the body. He believes that corrective exercise in conjunction with hands on myotherapy treatment as the ultimate combination. He aims to educate his clients about their body in order to prevent reoccurrence through understanding the cause and signs of their specific problem.


Dempsey incorporates a variety of techniques to create a treatment plan based on individual assessments that address the specific condition. Techniques range but are not limited to remedial massage, trigger-point therapy, dry needling, myofascial release, cupping and implementation of corrective exercise within treatment plans.


Dempsey has history working with an array of elite athletes, AFL players, power lifting and body building athletes, marathon and endurance athletes to just name a few. Many of the athletes utilise myotherapy to assist in recovery, minimise risk of injury and optimise performance correct posture and reduction of muscular imbalances.

core strength fitness gym maroochydore staff tayla

Tayla Campbell

CSF Coach

Tayla Campbell

– Cert III & IV in Fitness
– Kettlebells Level 2 ‘Advanced Concepts in Kettlebell Training’
– Essentials & Advanced Suspension Training
– Bachelor Primary Education
– Community Coaching certificate


About Me:

I’m passionate about supporting people on their path to their best, reaching their goals and living an active lifestyle. Holistically improving your quality of life not just your physical appearance.


I began in the fitness industry in 2012 having the broad range of experience from training group fitness dance classes to working alongside physiotherapists rehabbing injuries. I’m also a qualified teacher and have a passion for passing on the knowledge of a healthy active lifestyle to our next generation doing so when working in Education Queensland in 2016 and 2017 and coaching sporting teams. During this time I started my own personal training business in Gladstone working mainly in group fitness focusing on functional training, improving the lives of my clients through movement and mindset. My favourite achievement of my business thus far was our active adventure, a 10 day trip to New Zealand incorporating exhilarating activities and fitness into a balanced holiday.


My love for the holistic approach to health has fuelled my move to the Sunshine Coast studying Nutrition and Dietetics at USC.


I’m always striving to improve and challenge myself in all aspects of life and I’d love to help you to do the same. 

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