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000 is our signature functional fitness class designed to advance each and every individual in the areas of core stability, functional movement, strength and fitness. This is achieved through structured programming from top-level coaches that have emphasis on technique and injury prevention.


000 classes provide you with a mixture of endurance training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength exercises and core and functional movement.

Becoming a personal trainer with Core Strength Fitness will not only give you all the industry knowledge and latest techniques, but you will get real time, hands on experience working with our awesome clients.As a CSF certificate III & IV student you will have the opportunity to experience sessions such as☑️ Hiit ☑️ Strength ☑️ Mobility ☑️ Movement & Core☑️ Obstacle Style workouts☑️ Thai Boxing ☑️ Elderly & KidsWorking along side coach’s who’s experience and skills make them some of Australia’s best.To find out more about our up coming courses Click the link below and one of the team will contact you.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ABOVE ALL EXPECTATIONS!!

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  • Innovative, unique exercises & training facility
  • Fun, challenging and structured environment
  • Technique correction and coaching

Located at Xperiences HQ (270 Ocean Drive, Twin Waters), The Base Gym is a custom designed, fully equipped outdoor gym ideal for those interested in general fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing, yoga and mobility work.


With the likes of AFL Richmond, Carlton, The Australian Army and The Brisbane Broncos using The Base Gym as their training facility, it is the perfect location for professional and amateur sporting teams, fitness groups, boot camps, teamwork challenges, and those looking to prepare for Tough Mudder and Spartan Race.


Core Strength Fitness regularly runs session for group training and exercise at The Base Gym that provide you with a variety of innovate challenges. These include obstacle training, trail running and team challenges in the natural, outdoor environment.

Here's a few clips for the open day

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  • Trail running
  • Obstacle training
  • Team challenges
  • Dead Lift
  • Natural environment

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